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Pro-Line Supermoto and Hole Shot Tires for @LosiRacing PROMOTO-MX

Pro-Line has tires for the Losi® PROMOTO-MX right out of the gate! Transform your bike into an all-conquering, all-terrain Supermoto whip with Pro-Line’s Supermoto motorcycle tires! These semi-slick tires completely change the look and handling of your PROMOTO-MX, providing superior grip on asphalt and other smooth surfaces. This allows you to carve better apexes, pop better wheelies, and rocket around your track, street, driveway, or parking lot with precision and style. Or take on the track with the competition-quality tire that you know and trust, the iconic mini-pin Hole Shot tread design, that provides the optimum level of traction in dusty, hard-packed, and grooved conditions. *All tires* https://www.prolineracing.com/search?… 10222-10 Supermoto S3 (Soft) Motorcycle Front Tire Mounted on Black Supermoto Wheel for PROMOTO-MX Front https://www.prolineracing.com/product… 10223-10 Supermoto S3 (Soft) Motorcycle Rear Tire Mounted on Black Supermoto Wheel for PROMOTO-MX Rear https://www.prolineracing.com/product… 10217-02 Hole Shot M3 (Soft) Motocross Front Tire for PROMOTO-MX

Pro-Line Racing Supermoto&Hole Shot motocross tires

Pro-Line’s innovation team is proud to bring the competition-quality tire that you know and trust to the revolutionary Losi Promoto-MX RC motocross bike. The iconic mini-pin Hole Shot tread design provides the optimum level of traction in dusty, hard-packed, and grooved conditions. The soft M3 compound and closed cell insert make the Hole Shot the ideal tire to smoke your buddies at the local dirt track! This tire is 100% focused on all-out performance, and it’s especially effective when the track is watered. The Hole Shot tire is proudly manufactured at Pro-Line Headquarters in the USA! It is a direct fit on the stock Losi® Promoto-MX wheels (Available in Black or Satin Chrome). Take your Promoto-MX to the next level of track performance today! FRONT: PRO1021702 REAR: PRO1021602 For more information: https://www.prolineracing.com/search?q=motocross… Promoto-MX shown with optional White Plastics set, Blue Aluminum Hubs, Black FXR Rider Jersey, and custom graphic kit

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Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as we dive “in depth” into the Promoto-MX in this exhilarating YouTube video! Join us as we unravel the secrets of this awe-inspiring RC motorcycle, unlocking the true potential of its extraordinary features. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride as we leave no stone unturned, meticulously exploring every single aspect that makes the Promoto-MX the first RC motorcycle that truly works. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil a symphony of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, all seamlessly integrated into this two-wheeled marvel. From its state-of-the-art patent pending MS6X Technology to its scale and performance suspension system that ensures unparalleled stability, every element synergizes flawlessly to create a masterpiece on wheels. But that’s not all! In this captivating video, we go beyond the surface to reveal the intricate details that truly set the Promoto-MX apart. Witness the intricate craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail

NEW Losi Promoto MX 1:4 Motocross RTR

NEW Losi Promoto MX 1/4 Scale Motorcycle RTR An RC motorcycle that looks and performs just like a real dirt bike? Let’s ride! • Price: $549.99 without battery and charger $599.99 with battery and charger Orders start shipping from 07/07 • TECHNOLOGY _ New Spectrum MS6X stabilizing technology to improve balance and control _ Drive modes give best results for dirt, street or wheelie action with a switch! _ Flywheel unit with gyroscopic force to greatly improve stability REALISM _ Compact design keeps scale look of a real motorcycle _ Realistic yet durable rider with fabric racewear _ Officially Licensed Dunlop Geomax MX53 Tires _ FXR or Pro Circuit Graphics for genuine replica look _ Body panels with bright colors wrapped in Officially Licensed designs DURABILITY _ Front crash structure with protected fork tubes _ Rear fender pivots away and nylon bumper increases durability _ Twin plate chassis adds realism,