RC-Motorradshop takes over the production of LIGHTSCALE / JABBER Bikes

RC-Motorradshop takes over the production of LIGHTSCALE / JABBER Bikes With immediate effect, RC-Motorradshop takes over the LIGHTSCALE RC bike division from Clark Wohlert and will thus become the new manufacturer of the current RC model LIGHTSCALE One. Also, future models under the label JABBER by Edi Winter, the mastermind behind all JABBER and LIGHTSCALE bike creations will be produced by RC-Motorradshop. Edi Winter spectacularly won the RC bike World Cup in Lostallo 2011 with his own bike called “J.A.B.B.E.R.” (Just Another Bike by Edi Racing). Edi looked for a partner and found him with Clark Wohlert and his company LIGHTSCALE who took over production and marketing for the bike. The first series production of a JABBER bike was 2013 with the JABBER 2013. Many successes, titles and championships for JABBER followed the next few years. But not only Pros also novices in the field of the RC bike sport

France 🇫🇷 RKF 1/3RC Moto

France 🇫🇷  RKF announcement to  1/3 scale size RC bike㊗️ Fetures: • 3D printing • Secure space for gyro installation on the main frame • Hydraulic front fork -Xiaomi M365 full foil Source : James Adams

Motard bike

It’s really cool to use GRP motard tires on old AR Racing, Xrider, BSD dirt bikes 🏁 Source: Team Vietri RC 🇮🇹

New Xrider 1/4 scale dirt bike info

New bike name is ( Sagittarius ) call. Xrider boss mentioned that they are still not sure yet for release date. However it can be soon or later , we believe guys. Hope to looking forward to hearing lates news. Source : Xrider