New ZH Racing KHC4 Main frame

New product information ZH Racing KHC4 Outer diameter 28 motor main frame G-8425-28 Current motors can now be mounted without any modification. Source : ZHRacing

New ZHRacing Rear swingarm

New product information ZHRacing Rear swingarm G-8424-4 Rear swingarm Stainless steel t=4mm KHC4 compatible Increases rear grip and stability If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Source : ZHRacing

New Farmer Plastic Inc. SC4.0 1/5 RC Bike from USA🇺🇸

This is a first from Farmer Plastics Inc. A 1/5 scale motorcycle Racing kit to build from scratch. It is is to be electric powered but with no electronics or tires supplied. It will come with a printed B&W assembly manual and also a thumb drive with a Color PDF and video file for viewing or printing on a PC. These will be updated by FPI as new versions are released. Some parts are already being made in 100+ qtys with ten new Kits planned for the next run. This Auction is oviously to collect funds for this next step and to establish and test the design. I will fully support anyone with this bike at the World Championships this summer with what I have on hand if they make it there. There is two full Body Sets with this kit and spares of high wear items. See the Farmer

Tech3 GASGAS Moto GP design

 NEW  NEW  The decal for the ARC Aerodynamics body Tech3 GASGAS Moto GP design will soon be available.  All decals at:  Follow me on Facebook: Source:Jan Kremmel

2025 Australia RC Bike WC

Lock in the dates and let the training begin. The RC Bike World Championship has never been held outside of Europe!! This is going to be an Awesome event that will be live streamed across the globe. Source : Holeshothobby