Victory ZH RACING Peter Vater

Peter is once again the Ulster TT champion driving his ZH 418 at the brilliant Craigavon Model Racing Club track in Northern Ireland….. Source : Jim Lee  

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Passeri RC VPX, 1/8 scale RC Scooter, Stay Tuned 2024!

Dudes!! After 8 months development finally we got the VPX nicely done!! The VPX is a 1/8 scale RC Scooter with racing spec outfits! Now I can make it internal test batch stage! The rider named Kammy ( Kevin’s Sister LOL ) I will share more details later, please stay tune for the updates!! Thanks!! Source : PasseriRC

New Alum Front & Rear hub for GRP tires

Beat1Lab has released two new hubs for their MOTO EP1 1:5 bike kit. Fitting the new front and rear aluminium hubs makes it possible to install GRP tyres on the bike. The redesigned hubs also allow the bike to reach greater lean angle for increased corner speed. Source : BEAT1LAB