New ZH Racing KHC4 Main frame

New product information ZH Racing KHC4 Outer diameter 28 motor main frame G-8425-28 Current motors can now be mounted without any modification. Source : ZHRacing

New ZHRacing Rear swingarm

New product information ZHRacing Rear swingarm G-8424-4 Rear swingarm Stainless steel t=4mm KHC4 compatible Increases rear grip and stability If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Source : ZHRacing

New Farmer Plastic Inc. SC4.0 1/5 RC Bike from USA🇺🇸

This is a first from Farmer Plastics Inc. A 1/5 scale motorcycle Racing kit to build from scratch. It is is to be electric powered but with no electronics or tires supplied. It will come with a printed B&W assembly manual and also a thumb drive with a Color PDF and video file for viewing or printing on a PC. These will be updated by FPI as new versions are released. Some parts are already being made in 100+ qtys with ten new Kits planned for the next run. This Auction is oviously to collect funds for this next step and to establish and test the design. I will fully support anyone with this bike at the World Championships this summer with what I have on hand if they make it there. There is two full Body Sets with this kit and spares of high wear items. See the Farmer

New X-Rider CRS (Sagittarius) 1:4 MX Motorcycle Launched

Specifications: Size with Rider: Length 554mm Width 203mm Height 443mm Weight with Rider: 3750grams Without Rider – 554 x 203 x 337mm Wheelbase – 387mm Electronics Included: ESC: MAX10-SCT-80A Motor: 3652 / 3800KV Gyro motor: 2200KV Required to Run (Not included) Battery: Lipo 2-3S maximum size of 98x44x28mm Radio & Receiver : 4 or above channels What’s Included in the box: Alloy spoked rims and hubs front and rear. Mechanical front disc brake 2 Digital servos, 1 Standard and 1 Midi size Scratch Bars X 2 sets (1 for on-road use 1 for off-road) Race ready rider Alloy display / work stand. wheelie bar protection installed Source : Xrider

Tech3 GASGAS Moto GP design

 NEW  NEW  The decal for the ARC Aerodynamics body Tech3 GASGAS Moto GP design will soon be available.  All decals at:  Follow me on Facebook: Source:Jan Kremmel