OPT rear hub for GRP Spoke tires to Anderson 1/5 EP Motorace KIT Version

Hi Anderson 1/5 EP Motorace pilots Have a look, you can use the GRP spoke tires for rear.Japanese Muto pilot produce rear hub for put GRP spoke tires.He will show you the front hub as well for put GRP tires to Anderson 1/5 EP Motorace. If you are interested in hub for Anderson 1/5 EP Motorace. He will plan to mass produce for Anderson 1/5 EP Motorace pilots to over the world. Source : Hiroshi Muto

Victory ZH RACING Suzuki pilot in Japan 1/5MOTO RACE

It was held on Keitune Carrera Cup Rd08 2020 in Japan . qualify 2 times of best laps, and grand final is that 3 times for total score point system this race. 1/5RC MOTO RACE result Victory ZH Racing Suzuki pilot, 2nd ZH Racing Nonaka pilot, 3rd RG Evolution Yanagisawa pilot. Congratulations to all podium finisher Source : BEAT1 RACING