Victory Xrider Ishii pilot

Keitune Carrera Cup 2021 Rd.06 1\5RC Moto class race results  Xrider Ishii pilot  RG BEAT1  ZH. Yoshimune pilot The winner was Xrider Ishii pilot, who won the championship for the second consecutive round Also, in the final, the best lap was updated in 24.8 seconds. A player who has the element of becoming faster. he has gained stability and speed, so it can be said that this year’s series champion candidate number one. And this season’s first podium, 3rd place ZH Yoshimune pilot. Qualifying is again a personal best update of 24.8 seconds. Although he was unlucky in the final, he has improved by running without losing my concentration until the end. The Keitune Carrera Cup Japan’s first 1/5 racing bike series race, which entered the fourth year, has improved considerably and it has become interesting with the close race development that no matter who is on the podium. Source

International RC Bikers Meeting 2021 Aigen-Schlägl / Austria.

International RC Bikers Meeting 2021 Aigen-Schlägl / Austria. 17.7 – 18.7.2021. WM track. Registration is open. Invitation:…/Ausschreibung_RC… Registration:[1]=bkg&dId[E]=58521… Participant:[1]=bkg&dId[E]=58521… Website: Covid-19 prevention concept:…/Praeventionskonzept2…:[1]=bkg&dId[E]=58521… Source: Aigen-Schlagl

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Japanese girl who is Azuki-chan challenge to 1/5 RC MOTO !!

Her name is Azuki-chan, She has been try to play the 1/5 RC MOTO in Japan,  as you know guys, rc moto bike is quit difficult to learn, however her challenge split are amazing,  firstly how to wake up to rc moto, and try to used to play rc moto into large place which like a parking lot. Source : AZUKI-chan