Victory ZH RACING Suzuki pilot

Last Sunday, R/C moto bike race was held on Japan keitune speed way. Final race results Victory ZH Racing Suzuki pilot 2nd X-rider Ishii pilot 3rd RG Evolution Okamoto pilot It will be the only r/c moto race venue held in Japan Keitune Speed Way. Hope to invite to overseas r/c moto pilots for this race after covid-19. Stay cool ! Source : BEAT1RACING

VIctory RG Yanagisawa pilot

2021 Japan Keitune Carrera Cup 1\5RC Moto classRace result RG Yanagisawa pilot ZH Suzuki pilot Xrider Okamoto pilotThank you very much for participating in the race while wearing a mask and emphasizing social distance in the covid-19 We will continue to make efforts so that we can continue to race activities through daily practice with everyone. Thank you for your cooperation. Source : BEAT1RACING