BRCA BIKE CLUB SPORT Championship 2023

England  BRCA will also start the opening round 2023 next month Category: 1/5RC Bikes A series of races around various courses It looks like a MOTOGP series game and it looks fun. Source: Roy Davies


EN: New rulebook for 2023 RC Bike World Championships can be downloaded from our Forum server:…/international-regulations… You can also bookmark this page from our German phpBB2 forum ( to always find the latest version of the rulebooks (and also older versions):…/phpBB2/viewtopic.php… DE: Das neue Regelerk für die RC-Bike WM 2023 kann ab sofort von unserem Forumserver heruntergeladen werden:…/international-regulations… Unter folgendem Link findet sich der dazu passende Eintrag in unserem phpBB2 Forum ( wo immer die aktuellste und auch ältere Versionen des Regelwerks als Download bereit stehen:…/international-regulations… Source: MODEL AUTO VEREIN AIGEN-SCHLAGL

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A monthly race hosted by F-1 Hobby in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, held on February 26, 2023. This is the pattern of the A main final of the hang-on racer class. Source : REAL TRACKS

2023 RC BIKE WC in Austria

We are very pleased to announce that the RC Bike World Championship will be returning to our track in 2023! After a really successful event in 2019, we are happy that we have been asked to host next year’s edition too. ​We can confirm the dates of the events are: Warm Up: 02.-03. June 2023 World Championships: 02.-05. August 2023 More detail : Source: MODEL AUTO VEREIN AIGEN-SCHLAGL

New polycarbonate body for Nuova Faor SF501

A new faor sf 501 of vintage motorcycles and a similar 1.5 scale finished New Caren3 are now available..clear pure lexan complete fairing already with lexan pilot on tank. There is no old new in RC bikes. I would appreciate it if you could convey the good taste of the people of that era. The radio-controlled motorcycle market, which I want many people to know, is about to start the racing season. Source : ARC Aerodynamics

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Our BEAT1 LAB Moto EP1 Motorcycle is here! We take a few moments and crack open the box to show you what comes inside! Follow the link for more info on this exciting 2-wheeler! Up next – the build! Source: competitionX

RC Bike 1/5 & GT8 Fun GP Lostallo 🤔

RC Bike 1/5 GT8 Fun GP Lostallo 🤔 Some of you have a GT8 (Elektro/Nitro) or Bike 1/5 (Elektro/Nitro) model, I’m considering organizing a GT8 race together with a group of Bike 1/5. Question, who among you would participate, with Bike or GT8? The scheduled date is Saturday 13 May, nothing on Sunday, Sunday 14 the track is free to all as when there are no races, Friday 12 May reserved for Bike 1/5 and GT8 if they are already present. Starting tomorrow, registrations will be open at the following link: If there will be an interesting number of interested and registered for the race by April 3, the race will be held and you will receive the program based on the number of registered. Source : Ernesto Tino Camponovo ( Tino )