New ZH Racing KHC4 Main frame

New product information ZH Racing KHC4 Outer diameter 28 motor main frame G-8425-28 Current motors can now be mounted without any modification. Source : ZHRacing

New ZHRacing Rear swingarm

New product information ZHRacing Rear swingarm G-8424-4 Rear swingarm Stainless steel t=4mm KHC4 compatible Increases rear grip and stability If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Source : ZHRacing

Victory ZH RACING Peter Vater

Peter is once again the Ulster TT champion driving his ZH 418 at the brilliant Craigavon Model Racing Club track in Northern Ireland….. Source : Jim Lee  

NEW ZH RACING Frame for GRP GR60 tires

Hi  KYOSHO HOR pilots. Frame for GRP GR60 tires Available in 3 different wheel frames with different diameters G-8414-68 G-8414-62 G-8414-55 available with 3 wheels PD-8747 (OD68) PD-8748 (OD62) G-8415 (OD55) If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact us. Source : ZHRACING    

Victory ZH Nonaka pilot

Keitune Carrera Cup 2023 opening game 1\5RC bike class Final result ZH Nonaka pilot ZH Watanabe pilot RG Yanagisawa pilot Winning for the first time in 5 yearsCongratulations to ZH NonakaAlso congratulations to 2nd place Watanabe on the podium for the first time in a while3rd place Yanagisawa qualifying was pole position It seems that it was not possible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the pilots who participated, President Kijima who managed the race, and everyone involved. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves, and it was nice to meet my bike mates again after a long time at Keitune. Source : BEAT 1 RACING

Victory RG Muto pilot

NNRC 2023 Series Round 2 1/5 RC bike class 🏁 Grand final results 🥇 RG Muto pilot 🥈 RG Nonaka pilot 🥉 RG Kitajima pilot Thank you very much to all the players for your hard work yesterday in the cold weather where the temperature didn’t rise 🙇 The qualifying TQ final is Pole-to-win Muto 🇯🇵We are preparing to participate in the RC Bike World Championship, which will be the first Japanese to participate this year. Road to WC2023🏁 Stay tuned for the RC racing bike world championship information in Austria 🇦🇹 this August Source : BEAT 1RACING🇯🇵

Victory RG Muto pilot

The 1\5 RC racing bike series was held at the New NEXT RUSH Circuit. This time, the number of participants was less than usual, but once it started, it was a hot battle as usual😚 1\5RC Bike Final Results 🥇RG Muto pilot 🥈ZH Yoshimune pilot 🥉 RG Ohno pilot Congrats to everyone on the podium 🎉 Thank you very much to all the players who have missed the podium again this time. We are looking forward to the next time. Thank you for your continued support. Source: BEAT 1RACING🇯🇵