Victory Xrider Ishii pilot

Keitune Carrera Cup 2022 Rd.08
EP Bike 1/5 final results🏁


🥇Xrider Ishii pilot
🥈 RG Yanagisawa pilot
🥉 RG Muto pilot

Congratulations to Xrider Ishii pilot, who won the championship in a melee🏆

Also, RG Muto, who participated for the first time this season, thank you very much for participating in the Keitune Carrera Cup🙇‍♂️The qualifying TQ, the 3rd place podium in the final, and a wonderful run, thank you very much❗️

As the number increases, the level of the riders will increase, and it seems that they will have a wonderful finish with the goal of next year’s RC Bike World Championship 😊

Thank you for your continued support.