Victory RG Kitajima pilot 🇯🇵

NNRC 2022 Rd06 Moto EP🏁 A new champion is born🏆 RG Evolution BK3R Kitajima 🇯🇵 Final result 🥇 RG Kitajima pilot 🇯🇵 🥈 RG Watanabe pilot 🇯🇵 🥉 ZH Nonaka pilot 🇯🇵 Kitajima pilot, who started from the bottom of tail due to a mistake at the start of the race, raised his position with each lap, rising to 3rd place in the last 2 minutes. Nonaka and Watanabe were in a fierce battle for the lead, and in the last two minutes, Nonaka crashed and Watanabe emerged as the top. By that time, Kitajima had already sneaked up behind him and Watanabe had swelled to the outside, pointing to the inside and escaping as it was 🏁 Kitajima scored the qualifying TQ, and the final was a splendid top goal from the start of the bottom of tail. A moving race that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Save the Minidrom Ettlingen🇩🇪

Build in 1982 the Minidrom Ettlingen is among the most popular rc-tracks in europe. Now, after 40 years of rc-racing in the heart of middle germany, this could find an end in at least 2 years. Our track is built on land owned by the local city. And they are taking plans to built a biogas plant on this land. We wanna show how important the Minidrom is for rc-racing in germany and in europe. How important it is for surrounding hotels, restaurants and suppliers. And for tourism in general. The Minidrom is managed by the Minicar-Club-Ettlingen e.V. When we lost our track, our Club will die. Please subscribe to save the Minidrom Ettlingen. Source : Daniel Büchner

Victory RG Evolution Ishii pilot

Keitune 🇯🇵Carrera Cup 2022 Rd.09 RC MotoEP Final Results🏁 🥇 RG Ishii pilot 🥈 Xrider Nonaka pilot 🥉 RG Watanabe pilot Even in the conditions where the temperature suddenly dropped and the grip dropped, RG Ishii pilot performed splendidly and scored two top goals in a row in the qualifying TQ and the final. Ishii pilot was wonderful. In the 3rd round, even though it was raining lightly, we had a driver’s meeting where we could feel the enthusiasm and great determination to continue the race, as well as everyone’s passion for the future racing bike. My RC MOTO EP1 bike announcement is coming soon. The threshold is lowered so that even beginners can easily enjoy it, and the fusion of models and RC bikes. I will prepare to pull this industry so that everyone can enjoy it a little more, so please look forward to it ❣️ Source :

Sweden Nordic RC Bikers

Finally, the SSBC 2022 final awards are out and about to be sent to their deserving recipients. 1st prize Mattias Elmerfors 2nd prize Mikael Bredberg 3rd prize Hans Elmerfors Source : Mikael Bredberg