Victory RG Muto pilot 🇯🇵

2022 NNRC Moto EP 1/5 class Grand final result 🏅RG Muto pilot 🥈RG Kitajima pilot 🥉ZH Watanabe pilot Thank you for participating in the NNRC regular race. The level of the players who participate through the race is improving every time. The key to success is continuation. We look forward to seeing you next race. Source : BEAT1RACING    


The riders from Italy were very strongly represented at the RC Bike World Championship 2022 at the MRC Leipzig e.V. Among them, Matteo Bozzoni was able to secure the vice world championship behind Michele Repetati (I) and Peter Kahler (D) with a strong performance in the final. He rode a Nuova Faor EVO in 2nd place and relied on a Hobbywing combo. Like many riders, he used a servo brake on the front axle, which was allowed in the Super Bike class. The electric bikes are braked behind via the motor. So there is no need for an extra brake. Here is a look at his bike in the post. Bike: Nuova faor EVO Engine: hobby wing Controller: Hobbywing Battery: EZ Power Body: ARC Aerodynamics Tyres: GRP Servo: Futab Propo: Futaba   Source : Mikanews  

Victory Xrider Ishii pilot

Keitune Carrera Cup 2022 Rd.08 EP Bike 1/5 final results🏁   🥇Xrider Ishii pilot 🥈 RG Yanagisawa pilot 🥉 RG Muto pilot Congratulations to Xrider Ishii pilot, who won the championship in a melee🏆 Also, RG Muto, who participated for the first time this season, thank you very much for participating in the Keitune Carrera Cup🙇‍♂️The qualifying TQ, the 3rd place podium in the final, and a wonderful run, thank you very much❗️ As the number increases, the level of the riders will increase, and it seems that they will have a wonderful finish with the goal of next year’s RC Bike World Championship 😊 Thank you for your continued support. BEAT 1RACING🇯🇵


We are really happy to be able to meet you all for two days of pure fun, we are waiting for you !!! Siamo veramente felici di potervi incontrare tutti per due giorni di puro divertimento, vi aspettiamo!!! Source : Michele Repetati